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“The Yucatan Peninsula is a place full of natural blessings...the unique composition of the soil and all the life that it nourishes are the basis of all our treatments. Let us pamper you with the legacy of our mother earth.”


SPA means “salute per aqua”. We have given a whole new sense to this word with our exclusive Aqua Wellness. This circuit lets you work directly with water in aqua exercises, massages with jets, and cascades, which contrast with the iced pool and make the perfect preamble to the Hammam, our arab style steam baths. This area also includes dry saunas, ice room and the biothermic and sensations showers. 


Coming from the invaluable gifts of the sea, begin this complete ritual starting with a marine salt glow exfoliation to mineralize your skin, followed by the lavender warm sachets treatment to calm your skin and a body massage inspired in the Caribbean tides, to end with a unique hydracure  facial to leave your skin nurtured and renovated. 100 min. 250$USD


Renew and energize your body with this exclusive blend of Swedish massage, shiatsu pressure points, deep tissue for your back, body stretching and Lomi techniques that will help to release muscle tension and rid the body of tiredness. Continue your ritual with a reviving facial with natural ingredients such as Birch Sap, Olive Extract, Vitamin C and Sake extract. Light, easily absorbed textures and sandal aromas, will hydrate, soothe and restore the men’s skin. 100 min. 250$USD



This ritual honors Mayan traditions and their botanical heritage and will bring your body back to health and calmness, renovating your skin with an aromatic marine salt exfoliation, a body wrap with seaweed, bee’s wax, achiote seed and chaya plant, rich in minerals, vitamin E and C and detoxifying effects. The grand finale is a revitalizing full body massage, which will transport your mind to ancient healing wisdom. 100 min. 250$USD


Ideal as an anti-fatigue therapy, designed to completely relieve muscle tension, with a therapeutic massage that extends the muscular fibers to liberate contractures, aided with the calming effect of warm pillows all over the body and distressing balm for the back, ending with an hydrating facial, neck and scalp massage. 100 min 250$USD


A cult for your face and body, we use the latest cosmetic technology and soothing rituals for shocking effects. Starting with the most effective modeling and slimming coffee contour wrap to accelerate fat burning and toxins draining, with a firming effect, and then continue with a Time Expert Facial for ultimate shock effects with Microdermoxine which contains collagen peptides that incredibly fill in expression lines and a botanical active with Botox-like effects. End with a reenergizing tea infusion. Get prepared for a new you. 150 min. 336$USD



In pre-hispanic Mexico they conceived the body, mind and spirit in perfect harmony. Temazcal steam bath, have been used in tribal Mexico as the best means to cure and detox through sweating and releasing the body’s toxins. The Temazcal includes a purification ritual, the Temazcal bath and meditation session, juices and fruits (Minimum 4 persons). 90 min. 100$USD



A replenishing ritual with the most soothing elements, starting with a subtle marine scrub to renew and soften your skin, followed by a warm bubbling milk mousse bath to profoundly hydrate your body, while you rest your mind in a scalp massage, ending with a botanical oil massage to leave your skin nurtured and relaxed. 100 min 250$USD



Take a pause, calm and rest in a lavender, mint, amber and vanilla cocoon, a body scrub for a smooth skin, followed by a warm body wrap with essential oils, thermal water and pear stem cells for a renewed skin ending with a sublime massage.  100 min. 250$USD


Reserve at spa.xrc@excellence-resorts.com