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Ideas For Corporate Retreats in The Best All Inclusive Resorts!

Uncover the best resorts for your corporate retreats and take a look at the different team-building activities you can organize while there.

If you are booking business travel for your employees, and looking for staff retreat ideas or executive retreat locations, you have come to the right place. In this brief blog, we will go over all the corporate retreat essentials, and show you not only how to have a successful business retreat but also where you can find the best All Inclusive resorts for the type of getaway that you wish to organize.

Join along and see how to best plan your luxury corporate retreats! 

What is a corporate retreat?

Company retreats are vacations organized by the brand or owner of a business for 3 different reasons…

  • The staff works remotely or in different locations, and a corporate retreat is a way of getting them in the same room to all meet face-to-face.
Businees trip combined with leisure
  • The company wants to encourage team building throughout the business to try and create more effective communication and working relationships.
  • The business wishes to show its appreciation to its executives or staff for all the work that they do. This, in turn, shows each member just how much they are valued by the company. 

Of course, the reason for your corporate retreat could also be a combination of these three things, but there is usually one main priority which is the principal reason for the organized retreat. 

All Inclusive company retreat costs

One of the first things anyone planning a business retreat will ask is “How much is this going to cost?” One of the biggest issues with events or getaways paid for by the company is that staff can rally up tabs and bills to gargantuan amounts. At the end of the trip, what may have started out as fairly cost-effective can quickly turn into a large debt to be paid at the company’s expense.

The best way to avoid this is to have an All Inclusive corporate retreat. Your starting cost may be a bit higher but right from the beginning you get to see exactly what you are going to be paying and you can prepare the company finances for that total. The employees going on the trip will also be delighted since they can enjoy as much as they want of the things they want at any time they want. 

To get the best price, you should contact the groups department of the resort you are going to be staying at and request any special offers they have available along with any group concessions you can get based on your larger booking of multiple suites. Usually, the best prices for these trips are found quite a fair bit in advance, so the earlier you start planning the better. 

Staff enjoying a company retreat on a rooftop terrace

8 corporate retreat ideas for team building

So what are you going to do when you get to the resort? What sorts of team-building activities are available for your group in or around the resort grounds? Come and see our list of corporate retreat ideas for your next group getaway.

1) Sports activities

Whether you want group games of tennis, soccer, volleyball, pickleball, archery, or something else, sports activities are a proven way for you and your team to connect and forge lasting bonds. 

Whilst overly competitive attitudes should be avoided, the idea of working together on a team for something that is nonwork-related can bring out the joy in each person and help them all to start to laugh, communicate, and attain an objective as a group.

Game of volleyball on a stafff retreat

2) Beach or pool time

Not everything has to be super active. Sometimes, all it takes is an agreed-upon time to meet at the pool or the beach. Order some cocktails together, go for a swim, enjoy a lazy day, and make the most of the Caribbean as a group.

Time together at the beach or pool encourages a tranquil and peaceful environment where everyone can mingle and widen out their social circle. Its also, just a lovely place to be.

3) Dinner reservations

If your plan is to have everyone do their own thing and then meet up later, a group dinner may be just what you are looking for. It's not a formal environment like an official business meeting, but it is a good opportunity to be able to talk to the group and go over any events or plans for your corporate retreat. 

Eating delicious food makes everyone happy, and can be a way to get everyone in their best mood for some team time together. 

Team building over dinner in an All Inclusive resort

4) Tours and excursions

Around the resorts, there are always many interesting activities that can be enjoyed at an additional cost. If you are feeling adventurous, arrange for a group trip with Season Tours in one of the many surrounding excursions.

Try to choose one that keeps the team together and where open communication is encouraged. Also, keep in mind the physical circumstances of each member, and only choose this option if you think that it is something that your team would truly enjoy more than something at the resort.

5) Let the team decide

The secret to a successful corporate retreat is to make it fun for everyone. This is not easy to accomplish when you do not know what anyone wants. So, what if you asked the team what sorts of activities they would like to enjoy?

An open-ended question may result in some unexpected or unwarranted results, however, so you may give the team some options to choose from before getting their vote. 

6) Classes and workshops

What about taking everyone out of their comfort zone for a bit? The best All Inclusive resorts that offer corporate retreats, usually have different types of classes or lessons that groups can take together.

Imagine having your team try to learn a new language, take a yoga class, try to learn to dance, or do something creative together. This is a great way to get everyone on the same level in the same situation and to encourage learning in a fun and interesting ambiance.  

staff on a corporate retreat practicing yoga

7) Request something custom

You may already have something in mind for your corporate retreat activities. If so, do not worry too much if you do not see this option available within the resort. A lot of group events and activities are not always advertised the same way that individual activities are.

The best thing you can do is to ask the resort if your specific request can be fulfilled. Whether these are specific games on the beach, a sport you want your team to try, or a class you think would go well, speak to the resort staff and see if they can make it happen. 

8) Free time

An important recreational activity for your entire corporate retreat is free time. What do I mean by that? Well, whatever the team-building exercises may be, some people need to recharge their social batteries so that they can be their best selves for whatever activity is next.

If you want everyone to enjoy this company retreat to the fullest, then you should make sure that everyone has plenty of time to enjoy the resort and all the All Inclusive offerings at their own leisure. 

Corporate retreat venues for meetings

Ok, let's get down to business. Corporate retreats are meant to be fun, but sometimes there are still elements of work that need to be included. Whilst some may choose to cover these in a more social setting, you may require a more formal environment to make sure everyone takes it seriously.

Corporate retreat venue in a Caribbean resort

For this, you should check out the corporate retreat venues for meetings and events. Whilst some resorts offer large spaces big enough for a convention, you probably only need one of their smaller corporate spaces. 

Make sure that all meetings or corporate events are planned in advance with your group coordinator from the resort that you are staying at so you can make sure you have a meeting space reserved and that any catering or anything else you require is ready and at hand for your meeting. 

Meetings and events requests can be submitted HERE.

The 3 best luxury corporate retreats

Lastly, let's cover the best All Inclusive corporate retreat locations in the Caribbean. To give you a few options to choose from, we have highlighted three main destinations that could be ideal for booking business travel for your team with three adults-only resorts that make great locations for company retreats.  

The best place for a corporate retreat in Mexico

Head to the coast of Cancun and travel down south to the secluded authentic oasis of Excellence Riviera Cancun. Immerse your team in natural stress-relieving vibes of a peaceful haven of authentic Mexican hospitality.

You can also enjoy a business meeting in paradise. With dedicated meeting spaces that have high-tech AV systems and multimedia equipment, you can enjoy modern company amenities in a professional ambiance and then step outside to a world of soft sands, palm groves, and All Inclusive indulgences. 

Excellence Riviera Cancun, one of the best All Inclusive corporate retreats

Excellence Riviera Cancun offers the following for your corporate retreats…

  1. Mexican Hacienda Charm
  2. Natural vibes and surroundings
  3. White sand beaches
  4. Easy access to a lot of tours and excursions
  5. Serene seclusion
  6. Dedicated meeting spaces

The top resort for a business retreat in the Dominican Republic

In Excellence El Carmen in Punta Cana, not only can your team experience some of the best beaches in the Caribbean but a Contemporary atmosphere gives a very classy and high end look to your corporate retreat. 

You can also customize your corporate events to your needs depending on the size and special amenities you need. With state-of-the-art equipment, luxurious corporate retreat venues, and sensational catering options, you have everything you need for a small or large corporate event.

Excellence El Carmen, one of the best resorts for coporate retreats

Excellence El Carmen offers the following for your business retreats…

  1. Contemporary luxury
  2. Tropical Caribbean ambiance
  3. Stunning golden sand beaches
  4. Exceptional suite designs
  5. Sophisticated grandeur
  6. Customizable event venues

The ideal executive retreat in Jamaica

What if you need somewhere for the company executives so they can just unwind and indulge in pure and unabashed luxury? Welcome your top team members to the whimsical peninsula of Excellence Oyster Bay.

Surround your staff with seclusion, serenity, and exclusivity as they relax in a private oasis of pampering and perfection. This is where you go when you want unmatched beauty complemented by lavish luxury and sensational service. 

Excellence Oyster Bay, one of the best executive retreat locations

Excellence Oyster Bay offers the following for your executive retreats…

  1. Private peninsula by a glistening lagoon
  2. Victorian style paradise
  3. Exclusive beaches with private access
  4. Unparalleled ocean views
  5. Beach Houses and Villas
  6. True Jamaican feel

So are you ready to book yourself a corporate retreat in the Caribbean? Hopefully, this article has helped you see what sorts of options are available and what sort of experiences await. If you have any more questions, however, you can always contact the groups department and they will be happy to help. 

Have a great company retreat!

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