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What Are The Most Interesting Facts You Should Know About The Dominican Republic?

Learn the most interesting facts about the Dominican Republic before traveling to Punta Cana, and discover the many wonders of this incredible island.

How much do you know about the Dominican Republic? Now is your chance to come and find out. Read through our top list of facts for this incredible island country in the Caribbean and see just how much you know. 

See which interesting data and gems of knowledge surprise you the most and come and discover it all for yourself next time you come to stay in Punta Cana

The true masters of Merengue

The Dominican Republic is proud of its musical heritage with good reason. As this is the birthplace of Merengue, you can experience this sensational rhythm and dance alongside the people that brought it to life. 

Known for its baseball legends

The Dominican Republic is famous for its love of baseball. With the second-highest number of major league baseball players in the world, it is no wonder that they made this their national sport. Amongst more than 100 players across American baseball leagues, you may know such famous Dominicans as David Ortiz, Albert Pujols, and Hanley Ramirez

Highest and lowest points in the Caribbean

Incredibly, this small island area has both the top peak and lowest elevation in all of the Caribbean. The Central American mountain range of Pico Duarte towers up 3,098 meters above sea level whilst the largest lake in the Caribbean, Lake Enriquillo sits 46 meters below sea level.

Thousands of Humpback Whales every year

For those who love whale watching, you need to look no further than Samaná Bay and the surrounding oceans which become a Humpback whale sanctuary from January to March for breeding and raising their young.

Humpback whale family underwater in the Dominican Republic

The oldest country in the Americas

The Dominican Republic shares the island known as the Hispaniola with Haiti. This island was the first landing spot of Christopher Columbus in 1492. Whilst it is not the first inhabited place in the Americas, it is the first official country and Santo Domingo became the first official capital with the first university and first hospital.

Fantastic fossils and minerals

Remember that prehistoric mosquito that was preserved inside a piece of amber in Jurassic Park? Well, not only was some of the movie filmed here but that fossilized tree resin was found on the island. This is because there continues to be an abundance of amber deposits throughout the country. 

The Dominican Republic is also the only place in the world for Larimar, a rare form of blue pectolite that is best described as a turquoise blue mineral gemstone. 

Sustainable tourism

With the rise in awareness of ecotourism and sustainable travel, you will be happy to know that 25% of the land and coast of the Dominican Republic has been preserved for national parks, nature reserves, and sanctuaries.

Environmental protection in the Dominican Republic

A birdwatchers paradise

With very few natural predators, birds on the island flourish in great quantities. This makes it a birder's dream destination in the Caribbean. In addition, there are a good number of endemic species that can only be found on this island like the Palmchat, Hispaniolan Trogon, Bicknell’s Thrush, Hispaniolan Emerald, and Broad-billed Tody.

Authentic agricultural producers

Much of this country is covered with either forests or agriculture. The exporting and producing of great quantities of sugar, coffee, and chocolate, is done mostly via small family-owned self-sustaining farms. 

A past with the pirates of the Caribbean

A long time ago in the 17th century, areas around the Dominican Republic were used as bases of operations for the pirates, privateers, and buccaneers of the Caribbean. Part of the eastern side of the island was also used to film the Pirates of The Caribbean movie. 

The pirates of the Caribbean was in the Dominican Republic

Best beaches in the world

Whilst most things are subjective to taste, it has been proven that this destination has some of the best beaches. This is because it has more Blue Flag beaches than any other country in the Caribbean meaning that they meet very uncompromising international standards in terms of beach quality, beach safety, and the overall cleanliness of the area.

Incredible luxury resorts

The Dominican Republic is known for its beachfront resorts. In Fact, in Punta Cana alone there are over 90 All Inclusive resorts for you to enjoy. One of the most luxurious retreats for you to try is Excellence Punta Cana which recently received Tripadvisors 2022 Travelers Choice Award. 

Exploring Excellence Playa Mujeres in the Dominican Republic

Travel to this island of discoveries

Though you now know a bit more about this incredible destination in the Caribbean your discoveries have only just begun. The best way to really learn about any island or country is to actually go there and see it for yourself. 

By experiencing the Dominican Republic firsthand you can immerse yourself in an understanding of the island that can only be gained through visitation. When you sit on the pristine beaches, join in with the merengue dancing, taste the carefully cultivated coffee, and watch the whales as they breach out of the water, you will then see what the Dominican republic is all about. 

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