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Why Does Hearing The Sound of Waves Bring Us Peace?

Find out why so many people seek the comfort of the ocean ambiance as a way to unwind and relax and what the science is behind this effect.

Imagine this scene: You are sitting on the soft sands of the Caribbean. The breeze is light and the air is fresh. You close your eyes in the shade of a palm grove and you listen to the soothing sounds of the waves crashing against the shoreline. 

As they recede and return, each wave brings you closer to your inner serenity, and with each moment you spend listening to the breaking waves on the infinite sands, your mind drifts into a place of freedom and peace.  

Yes, we all know the comfort we can receive when we listen to the sounds of the waves crashing against the Caribbean coast. But why is that? How is it that we receive such peace from these natural noises? Is there a way to harness this effect and use it for enhanced relaxation?

Let us find out as we discuss this topic throughout the rest of this article.

The ocean ambiance

Understanding the relaxing effect of ocean water

Both when we are awake and asleep our minds understand sounds differently. Some are registered as alarming noises that require our attention. Examples of these threatening sounds that alert us could be when you hear a morning alarm, a scream, or a loud bang. 

Other noises and sounds however are not registered in this same way. Instead, they are accepted by our brains as nonthreatening audio vibrations. When we hear these noises that we naturally recognized to be of no threat or danger, it is like we are hearing a constant noise that is telling our brains “Do not worry. It is ok. there is nothing to be concerned about. Everything is fine.”

Therefore the slow whooshing sounds of the waves hitting the soft sandy shore are a comfort to our minds as it is constantly assuring us that we are safe. 

The other part of the relaxing effect that the ocean sounds have on us is due to something called “acoustic camouflage”. This is a passive sound that drowns out a lot of other noises and distractions and helps to clear our minds of anxieties and other pressing concerns. 

This means that we, in effect, have an audio mask that covers over external and internal noises that could stimulate our brain in a negative or overactive way. Listening to the sounds created by water, whether it is the crashing of the waves, the tropical rain, or the peace of the underwater world, can bring us peace, and a feeling of safety or security.

How to use the ocean to enhance your rest

Today, many people subscribe to channels and services that offer them relaxing sounds to sleep to. Of these, some of the most popular are those that relate to water. However, nothing can compare to the real thing.

Experience your serenity by the Caribbean ocean

Find a spot in the Caribbean where you can sit by the beach and watch the waves go in and out until you feel immersed in the surrounding peace and serenity. A trip to a tranquil destination in the tropics is a great chance to pick a spot by the water and soak up the acoustic camouflage of the ocean. 

A day by the beach can do wonders to relieve your stress and anxiety. However, a day is really not much time to enjoy this type of relaxation. So why not book yourself a stay somewhere where you can enjoy the ocean waves, day and night for both a soothing sleep and restful repose. 

This is best enjoyed in a sunny destination so you can spend this time outside in a warm setting without needing to leave because of the weather. 

Where you can go to listen to the waves

Where could be better for infinite ocean waves and endless beaches than the Caribbean? Visit a tropical beachfront resort and look forward to indulging in the relaxing effects of ocean water and listening to the sound of waves throughout your stay.

When you arrive you will likely notice the harmonious sounds right away. However, after a few days, the sound will drift into the back of your head and even if you do not notice the peaceful sounds, the calming effects will continue to provide you with the most relaxing vacation possible. 

One place you can experience the peace provided by the Caribbean sea is in Excellence Punta Cana in The Dominican Republic. 

Excellence Punta Cana

This is an adults only All Inclusive resort located right on the edge of the ocean so that you can delight in the soothing reverberations of the sounds of the sea without having to go more than a few steps from your suite.

For the ultimate experience, you can book yourself an oceanfront suite with direct access to the sea itself.   

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