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Experience Ancient Aztec Thermal Therapy With a Mexican Temazcal Ceremony

Explore the wonders of an authentic Temazcal ceremony in the Riviera Maya and see what this ancient ritual sauna holds for your next visit.

Have you ever heard of Temazcal? Many people may have heard about it at some point but very few individuals really know much about what it is, where it comes from, or how it helps. That is why, in this brief article, I'm going to make you an expert on the Mexican Temazcal Ceremony so that you can know all about this authentic sweat lodge, the ancient rituals behind it, and the best place in the Riviera Maya to enjoy this water vapor thermal therapy.

Let's start with the ancient origins of this treatment…

The origins behind Mexican Temazcal

Where is Temazcal from? Whilst this ancient ritual sauna can be found in South America and other parts of the world, Mexico is where its heritage lies with thousands of years of Temazcal history behind it. 

The actual word “Temazcal” comes from the ancient Aztec language Nahuatl and directly translates to “House of heat” which in itself is very fitting for what it is, if not a little on the nose. 

The ceremonies began as cleansing rituals for the Aztecs that would be used both before and after going to battle symbolizing a type of new beginning each time they exited. The creators of these rituals also planted the idea of possible healing powers linked to these ceremonies. Whilst there was nothing magical about the invention, they were definitely correct about it having health benefits. (More on this in a bit).

Unfortunately during the Spanish conquest, many of these original Mexican sweat lodges were destroyed. However, some of the original locations were hidden and preserved up to our modern times. In addition, the culture and ancient rituals behind Temazcal ceremonies has continued to gain popularity up til today. 

An ancient Temazcal hut also known as a Mexican sweat lodge

What is the Temazcal ceremony?

Ok, so a Temazcal sweat lodge is basically a type of insulated hut or dome often made of brick, cement, mud, or volcanic rocks. It looks a bit like a Mexican Igloo and holds the charm of ancient design. As you enter you will be asked to sit and rest in a circle surrounding the center portion of the sweat lodge.

Once you get comfortable, fiery hot volcanic rocks are brought in and carefully placed in the center of the Temazcal hut. Then water is poured over these blazing stones to fill the dome shaped hut with steam. 

As the steam starts to dissipate more rocks are brought in and more water is added continually in order to maintain a steady amount of hot steam for your benefit. Depending on where you choose to enjoy this ancient ritual sauna and what type of Temazcal ceremony they offer the water poured over the rocks may be infused with special herbs that enhance the thermal therapy and give you a sense of calm. It is sometimes also suggested to drink a healthy herbal tea throughout the ritual to further engage your senses. 

Once the Temazcal ceremony has come to an end you exit the house of heat and may be directed to cool down using a cold shower or a brief entry into a spa pool. 

Man and woman relaxing in the pool after a Temazcal ceremony

Benefits of a Temazcal lodge experience:

Now we know what is involved in the ceremony, but why should you try it? What benefits will it bring you? Here are the main ones that you should consider.

An effective antidepressant

Research from a 2005 study suggests that mild depression can be fought with thermal therapy and that these treatments can assist in the battle against some of the related symptoms. So yes, Temazcal can make you happier. 

Toxin exfoliation for your body

It started as a cleansing ritual to remove impurities from the body but it can actually do just that. Sweating is a key way to help remove toxins from your body along with various impurities. However, it is also a great way to get clearer skin. 

Weight loss assistance

A visit to the sweat lodge will not suddenly make you lose weight. However combined with weight loss plans, it can provide valuable assistance in the process and enhance your weight loss potential. 

Where to go to enjoy authentic Mexican temazcal

So what do you think? Are you ready to go ahead and give the Temazcal ceremony a try? If you are then I have just the place for you and you can start planning for your thermal therapy experience today. Simply head to Miile Spa in Excellence Riviera Cancun.

Miilé spa facilities in Excellence Riviera Cancun

Despite a very modern look and some extremely high end spa facilities, Miile Spa has chosen to include authentic experiences like the Temazcal ceremony into its treatment menu. If you are headed to Mexico, this is a relaxing spa ritual that is definitely worth feeling for yourself. 

Check out the spa today and if you want to give it a go, then go ahead and reserve your Temazcal Ceremony for an authentic Aztec treatment to remember. 

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