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Should All Inclusive Resort Staff be Tipped or is it Already Included?

Learn about tipping on a Caribbean vacation, find out if gratuities are included, and see how much to tip at an All Inclusive resort.

When traveling to most hotels and restaurants the standards for tipping staff is quite clear. But what about when you stay in an All Inclusive resort? Is everything included or are the staff still supposed to be tipped? Are there any times when tipping is mandatory?

Follow along with us in this article as we show you everything you need to know about tipping in an All Inclusive resort so that you can go prepared for your next luxury vacation in the Caribbean. 

tipping guide for All Inclusive resorts

Is tipping expected or required?

A gratuity guide from the American Hotel and Lodging Association indicates a list of different tipping suggestions based on the type of service that you receive in a standard hotel. For example, food and drink service has a recommendation of fifteen to twenty percent of the total bill as an ideal tip, whereas housekeeping and porters are recommended to receive between one and five dollars per night or per bag carried. 

But do these same standards apply within an All Inclusive environment?

Actually, they do not. When you purchase an All Inclusive vacation package, gratuities are included so you are under no obligation or expectation to pay additional amounts to the staff throughout your stay. This gives you peace of mind and creates an environment where the care and attention feel more genuine because the All Inclusive staff are not just working for the tips.

But what if you want to give something extra to the staff for their hard work?

Well, unless the resort states otherwise, most brands are happy for their employees to receive extra appreciation for their hard work and service so you can feel free to give what your heart desires whenever you feel inclined. 

Generous tips for staff at an All Inclusive retreat

How much should you tip?

Since there is no requirement to tip this can be left largely up to your own discretion. You could follow the aforementioned guidelines but since there is no expectation, anything you choose to give will be viewed as an additional kindness.

With gratuities included, you have the freedom to choose whether you want to tip or not, and if you do decide to, they can be tipped the amount that feels right to you based on the service you received. 

Under no circumstances, however, should you ever feel pressured to tip in an All Inclusive resort. Instead, you should be able to relax and unwind in a haven where you don't need to worry about carrying cash around with you all the time. 

What currencies are accepted?

So let's say that you decide to tip, how does that work in a foreign country? Do you need to exchange your money type for a local currency?

Well, whilst local currencies do vary depending on the destination it is generally accepted that both local money and US dollars are usable for tips within the resort making it a lot easier for guests to show their appreciation throughout their vacation. 

Tip the resort staff with the correct currency

The two sides of tipping

Tipping on vacation, especially in an All Inclusive environment has two very different sides that need to have the right balance so that you can benefit the most from it. 

Feeling comfortable

On the one hand, it is important that you can feel relaxed and at ease in your surroundings. You should not have to be worrying about how much cash you have on or how much to tip. Instead, you should be able to soak up the indulgence of a fully All Inclusive environment where your serenity is the staff's priority.

Try to avoid thinking about tips too much. It is nice if you are able to offer additional kindness towards someone but it should not rob you of your peace of tranquility. The staff being tipped should be an option when convenient to you and only when you feel like doing so. 

Showing appreciation

On the other hand, being generous to others is a proven way to enhance your own joy. By giving to others whether in a campaign like Share The Love or in a simple way by giving a staff member a tip, you can increase your vacation satisfaction.

How appreciation to the resort staff through your words and actions

Kindness to others is strongly linked to oxytocin which can mean feelings of euphoria, warmth, and connection with others throughout your stay. 

Enjoy a balanced vacation

So after reviewing all angles of tipping, we need to ask the question one last time. Should all-inclusive resort staff be tipped? The answer can be a personal one based on how you prefer to spend your vacation. 

However, whilst feeling comfortable and showing appreciation are both important, the best getaway is likely going to be enjoyed by combining a bit of both and striking the right balance for you between being generous and indulging your senses in a comfortable ambiance where tipping is not required. 

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