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5 Reasons to See Punta Cana From The Skies Above With an Air Excursion

Discover the panoramic views of Punta Cana from the sky by taking a tour of the air and taking a ride in a hot air balloon, helicopter, or plane.

Are you looking for something different to do on your vacation in Punta Cana? Get ready as I take you on a tour of the skies as we take a jump into the air excursions and tours that you can take in a helicopter, private plane, or hot air balloon. 

I'm not going to bore you with tons of facts and figures about Punta Cana's infrastructure and topographic mumbo jumbo. Instead, I want to show you just how incredible this little island haven can be when you are flying high above it and looking down on everyone (in a good way).

1. The views of the island

We all know that Punta Cana is a paradise right? Quite simply, it's gorgeous. But that's only what you see from the ground. Now imagine what the horizon could look like. Imagine what views of the ocean, the jungles and the beaches would look like when you are a thousand feet in the air. It is a bucket list experience that cannot really be explained in writing (even though I am trying very very hard to) 

When you are soaring like a very slow bird in the skies, you are going to see the island in a way that will expand your appreciation for this tropical oasis and make your jaw drop in awe. It's the kind of thing that will make you say “wow, thats amazing” and then you can turn around 180 degrees and say “wow, thats amazing too!”

Panoramic views of paradise. Sounds pretty great right?

View of the Punta Cana landscape

2. A peaceful flight

Some vacationers want action, adventure, and adrenaline-filled excitement. That's not this. I guess, there is a certain amount of adrenaline when you look down because you are seriously high off the ground. But really, an air tour whether by hot air balloon, helicopter, or private plane, is all about the serenity and peacefulness of the journey. 

You might have heard some people say that “it's the journey that matters not the destination”. Well, in this case, it's about the journey through the destination. Fly away from the bustling busy centers of Punta Cana. Escape from the heavily populated areas and touristy spots full of rowdy vacationers, and explore the heavens in a very exclusive atmosphere of high-end (and I mean very “high”) tranquility. 

3. Connecting with the outdoors

Connecting with the outdoors is not accessing the wifi whilst you are outside. Nope. it means getting out of your suite and finding ways to take in the natural beauty of the area. This builds up your appreciation for the natural wonders around you and not only relaxes you (which is kind of what you want on vacation) but it makes you more environmentally conscious. 

You cannot examine every little detail of nature whilst flying high above it. But you can enjoy the scope of how magnificent and extraordinarily beautiful the area is on a large scale. This beauty is not made up of towering skyscrapers and architectural phenomenons. Rather, it is all about the pristine natural beauty of a largely untouched island paradise. 

Punta Cana may be a popular tourist destination, and it may have a few areas that seem very touristy, but a large portion of the surrounding area is just dense foliage, empty waters, and smooth sands. Really, I think that's probably why people love it here.  

View of a beach in Punta Cana from above

4. The thrill of the height

Woah! That's High!” is something that you might exclaim on a hot air balloon, helicopter, or plane. Why? Because it is indeed very high. How high, you ask? Well, it can vary but usually, balloon tours start low but can go up to 1000 to 3000 feet high depending on the balloon, weather conditions, and pilot. Yup, that is high. 

As for planes and helicopters, you know that they can go much much higher. However, since the idea is to take in the serene views, they usually stay as low as possible within the local regulations. 

Is it safe then? The Aviation Accident Database shows us that whilst flying in a plane is one of the safest forms of travel, flying in a hot air balloon is actually “THE” safest form of air travel. It's not a complicated machine, does’nt have a lot of moving parts, and whilst it can be scary when you feel the thermal breezes and when you stare down at the earth below… its a form of exciting exploration that works very well indeed.  

When it comes to helicopters, you may have heard that they are less safe than planes. Whilst that is true, they are still statistically much safer than traveling in a car, and most of us still travel by car each day. 

5 An experience to share

This is definitely something you can do on your own with a private flight. But each flight option with an air tour carries more than just one passenger and can offer a shared experience that can be enjoyed with your loved ones or friends. 

It's especially great for romantic experiences. If you want to pop the question, celebrate your time together, or just stare into your partner's eyes as you soar softly through the air, this is one of the best things to do as a couple during your tropical escape. 

Extraordinary Moments? Yes. Exciting and memorable? Yes. Peaceful and panoramic views? Absolutely yes! These tours encapsulate the adventures that everyone should be having in the Dominican Republic and allow you to enjoy a ride in a hot air balloon, helicopter, or plane and see Punta Cana from the sky. 

So come fly in Punta Cana, let's fly, let's fly away!

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