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See This Cancun Solo Travel Guide For Tourists Going to Mexico Alone!

Thinking about going to Mexico alone? Explore the best Cancun solo travel solutions and safety tips for your next solo trip.

Are you thinking about a solo trip to Mexico? Does going to Cancun alone make the traveling experience different in any way? Where are the safest places to travel on your own in Cancun? Will it seem weird to be by yourself?

Whether you are traveling solo to find yourself, you want to enjoy some me time, or you wish to escape to a world where you only have to worry about your indulgence, traveling alone has a lot of pros. 

On the other hand, if it is something that you have not done before then naturally it may fill you with a little bit of anxiety. However, be that the case, by the end of this blog, you will know everything you need to know about Cancun solo travel so that you can head there with all the information and confidence that you need.

Happy female traveller alone in a Cancun resort

6 benefits of traveling solo

Why do people go to Mexico on their own? Why don't they go with their partner, their family, or a group of friends? Many people may question your solo travel choice, especially if it is something that they have not tried for themselves, but there are in fact quite a few benefits to traveling solo. Come and take a look at a few…

1) Life meditation

Surrounded by friends and family there is rarely a moment to really reflect on your life, your choices, your routine, your work, your priorities, and more. If you need some space to make a big decision, there is nothing like a solo trip. It's just you and your thoughts.

Take some time away from it all and let your mind wander to wherever you want it to. Meditate on the deep things of life, or turn up the white noise. The choice is up to you.

2) Get to know yourself

How well do you really know yourself? You might think that you know yourself because you are you. But that is not always the case. Just like you would take some time away with a specific person to truly get to know them, the same applies to knowing ourselves. 

Dedicating some time to be on your own allows you to really see what decisions you make when no one else is around, what preferences you have when you aren't concerned about others, and how you truly feel in your own company. 

Lady in a spa pool thinking during a Cancun solo vacation

3) Boosting your self-confidence 

No one to doubt you, no one to question your vacation style, and no one to make decisions for you or encourage or persuade you of anything. This vacation is yours and you are the decision maker, you are the captain of your own comfort, and you have the freedom to do things however you wish.

Empower yourself with a solo trip, boost up your self-confidence without relying on anyone else, and know that you can do it all. 

4) Do what you want to do 

You might think that even around other people, you still get to do what you want but there will always be a limit of how far that goes. If you want to sleep in all day and just stay in your suite, you can. If you want to go hat painting or some other class, you can.

You do not need to consider other people's preferences, you don't have to fulfill any social norms to be polite, and you don't have to live up to any expectations. You can travel, your way, guilt-free. So let yourself indulge in whatever it is you want to enjoy with the knowledge that this is your vacation and that it is ok to be a little selfish once in a while. 

Solo traveler enjoying painting hats on her own in Cancun

5) A cost-effective vacation option

The costs of travel can build up quickly. Between the flights to get there, the home preparations, the All Inclusive resort package, and any other tours or activities you want to experience, the total can be significant once you multiply that cost.

With a partner it is double the cost, with a family or group of friends, it can multiply exponentially to a point where going on vacation might not be within your budget. Solo travel on the other hand is a singular cost all around and can often be managed even if you do not have extensive savings. 

6) Meet new people easier

Solo travel sounds like the most antisocial vacation option possible. That can be the case if you want it to but it doesn't have to be. It can actually be a great way to widen your social circle. 

Traveling with your friends affords you a constant fallback for people to associate and talk with. Vacationing alone, however, makes you much more open to conversations with other people staying in the resort. Rather than keeping to your niche group, or always talking to your partner, a solo traveler can much easier make new friends and acquaintances during their stay.

Socializing with other guests as a solo traveler in Cancun

Is it safe to travel to Cancun alone?

Here is the big question that a lot of solo travelers are asking. Whether you are traveling to Mexico alone as a woman, traveling solo as a man, you are a senior traveling alone, or you fit into some other demographic, you will be delighted to know that you can safely travel to Cancun without issue.

Whilst every destination including the place where you live can have potential dangers, Cancun is an oasis specifically designed for tourists to enjoy safe travel whether they are with someone else or not. 

Cancun solo travel solutions

When venturing into the unknown, it is easy for the mind to wander through a host of potential issues and alarmist ideas. To set your mind at ease for your solo trip, we have dug up all the main concerns and provided you with a list of tips so that you can enjoy a safe vacation on your own in Cancun.

Finding your way around Cancun

One of the scariest parts of travel and especially taking a vacation by yourself is the thought of venturing out into the unknown. You do not know the location, you may not know how to get around, or even necessarily speak the language. So what can you do?

Fear not, for this is not an issue in the least. You can organize a private SUV with Seasons Transfers to pick you up from the moment you arrive at the airport and take you directly to your resort which they are already familiar with. Better yet, if you want to explore and discover the destination, you can always ask your resort concierge to organize transport for you so that you can have someone who knows where they are going to take you around Cancun. Also, they speak English!

Safe transportation for solo travel in Cancun

Safety concerns during your stay

An important part of your vacation is your comfort. This includes the feeling of safety and not having to worry about being secure or not. We have just the thing for you. Whilst Cancun has been set up to be quite a safe destination for tourists, you can boost that feeling of serenity and safety tenfold by staying in a resort in a protected area.

In resorts like Excellence Coral Playa Mujeres, Excellence Playa Mujeres, and Excellence Riviera Cancun, you will find yourself in gated communities where the resort has its own private hub of comfort that is exclusively for the resort guests. Here you can unwind with peace of mind in an oasis of total tranquility. 

Who to call if you need help

If your mind has already gone racing to all sorts of worst-case scenarios you may be thinking about what to do in each of those imagined disasters. The important thing to know is who to call. Whilst it is good to have the emergency numbers of the destination no matter where you go, you can rest easy knowing that you can always call your resort concierge for assistance.

Resort staff ready to help you on your solo trip to Cancun

Whether you want advice, need tips on the area, have a emergency situation, or something else, the resort staff are there to ensure you have a smooth vacation experience and will do whatever they can to assist you and make sure that you are taken care of. 

5 things to do by yourself

What about solo activities during your trip to Cancun? Don't you need more than one person to do most things? Isn't solo travel a bit boring? Actually, no. There are in fact a lot of things that you can enjoy by yourself on vacation. Here are just some of the ideas you might consider…

1. Enjoy the ocean on your own

Are you a beach or ocean lover? Most oceanfront activities are actually good things to do by yourself. For example:

  • Snorkel along the world's second-largest barrier reef
  • Explore the underwater museum of MUSA
  • Enjoy a leisurely swim and then rest on the beach
  • Try paddleboarding on the ocean
  • Discover the area via Kayak
  • Book a scuba diving experience

Of course, there are more things to think about, but it goes to show that a lot of beach and ocean fun, is still fun by yourself. 

Female solo traveler swimming in the ocean alone

2. Go on a guided tour

There are plenty of tours for seniors traveling alone, just as there are tours for those with more youthful energy. With a guided tour, whether you are traveling solo or with someone, you are still put into a tour group. The experience doesn't change that much besides the amount of people you are paying for. 

Cancun and the surrounding areas have so many interesting and unique things to do so why not go and check them out? You could head to Chichen Itza, swim in a natural cenote, visit a tropical island, or try out some other authentic Mexican experience. Do the tour that you desire!

3. Join a class or workshop

Can you think back to a time when you tried and failed to convince someone to take a class with you? As a solo traveler, you do not need to persuade anyone else to accompany you. In the resort classes and workshops, you are part of a group where you can learn things you have always wanted without the need for a partner or chaperone.

Discover your Latin dance moves, get creative with something artistic, practice your Spanish, learn how to cook something new, or take a Yoga class by the beach. All these informative activities and more are yours to enjoy. 

Woman joining a Yoga class in her resort in Cancun

4. Make it all about the food

What about when it comes to eating in the restaurants? Nobody wants to feel weird or a spectacle and some wonder if they will feel uncomfortable dining alone. Personally, its one of my favorite things. 

In a restaurant in Cancun, everyone is there for the food and you are no different. You have a paradise for your palette that you can enjoy and no one to set limits to your enjoyment. If you are a foodie, you can make the flavors a primary part of your trip and use the mixology and gastronomy of the location as one of your prime attractions.

If you are still not sure about dining alone, then try bringing a book with you to the restaurant. You will find that it makes you much less concerned about what others think, and more focused on what is about to happen on the next page. 

5. Spoil yourself at the spa

Oh, wow. Do you hear that? Yes, that. The complete and utter serenity that awaits you in Miilé Spa! There is nothing more relaxing, more peaceful, and that focuses more on your pampered comfort than a day in the resort spa. 

While some of these activities can be enjoyed with someone else, the honest truth is that most Spa treatments and therapies are personal and individual experiences that are sometimes just better by yourself.

The spa is about spoiling you. The spa is there to indulge your senses. The spa is a heavenly haven that is tailored to your desires. 

Have a great solo trip in Cancun!

If you are organizing your Cancun solo travel it is important to know that this destination is not the scene for backpackers and hostels. Rather, traveling alone in Cancun is more about the individual luxury experience and the level of personalized pampering that you use to treat yourself.

Whichever resort you choose to stay in, may you have the ultimate solo trip, and may it be the first of many solo vacations to come. You deserve an unforgettable escape!

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